TheBottomlineNow:  Here's a novel idea.  Put the presidential candidates on Shark Tank on ABC (yeah) | TheBottomlineNow |

Recently I have had the pleasure of being able to enjoy one of my favorite shows every week, Shark Tank on ABC (This show is the good good).  Every week we're cheering for true American heroes.  People who have a dream and are looking for a way to better improve themselves and their families life.  They come on stage and courageously try to pitch their ideas to 5 superheroes of finance.  It's great tv.  The American Idol of entrepeuership sortof.  From week to week we see fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, couples and whoever.  Take their idea and frame a pitch to seasoned business professional.  Some times it great for the candidate. some times its ugly but it's never boring and allways imparts valuable lessons in pitching and executing your business.  Under pressure these entrepenuers show who the diamonds are and who are the lumps of coal.


So I thought, "Why don't we put the presidential candidates on this great show so we can see their true thought process under pressure.  I know plenty of guys who are great at golf on the driving range but suck when they get on that 18 hole of  "the good walked ruined".  The pressure makes the difference.  Let's get these guy on the show without their speech writers, staffs, and overpaid do boys and let's see how these guys perform.


Now I know what you're thinking, "Redd we already do this when we have public debates, wouldn't you agree?"  No I wouldn't.  It's something about these 5 no nonsense but empathetic personalities (because they all have been that person pitching and working for faith) that in some sort of way, quickly exposes the upside and the downside to the individuals in front of them (and by the way, I think your board of director are supposed to have the same skill set these 5 professional possess, #JustSayin).


So President Obama and candidate Romney be brave and go in The Shark Tank.


That's TheBottomlineNow