TheBottomline........."Okay I'm Back" | TheBottomlineNow |

Man it's crazy when I sit down to write.  I get so much great information that there are times I just wind up being my own biggest reader.  I've got to do better.

I like writing about money but in getting this blog up I've been a bit tied up.  TheBottomline has been real work.  Now although it's time for me to get back to why I do this blog.(no it's not so I can make crazy money by being a money expert).

People debate a lot of things.  Politics, sports, education, religion and an array of day to day issue.  By doing this blog my eyes have been opened to so many other perspectives that I forgot that I was your host (my bad).  I started this blog so that we can have our area of debate on the issues of money.  There was so many people reading I sort of lost track that it was up to me to create engagement.(again my bad).

I didn't want this site to become a thesis paper where I had someone correcting my errors.  I just wanted to give insightful information about the culture of money.

So now it's time for me to clock back in and to make sure that I give you TheBottomline..........