The "World" of Warcraft
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The "World" of Warcraft
Trying to dive into the deep online community known as WoW and what it is all about?
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One Nation.. Under Blizzard.. For gaming and entertainment for all!

"Welcome to the World of Warcraft"


The World of Warcraft is truly an online gaming titan. Not
just in regards to the video games, but in the ranks of social media it peaks
towards the top in regards to users, content and overall involvement with in
the server. Unlike the giant YouTube that has more viewers than posters, WoW
users all seem to find their niche with the realm and are able to be connected
to one another no matter what language they speak or the culture they live in because
they share a universal world that abides by the same rules and structure.
Creating a unique and thriving community of gamers across the globe.

To truly understand how they are able to do this it is
important for one to dig deep and divulge the secret formula Blizzard uses to
keep gamers so involved in this community will making it difficult to attract
hardcore gamers and the casual once and a while gamer to log into the same
banner and theme music when the game is launched. My article strives to do this
and hopefully gives the reader who may not understand a fair perspective on why
over 12 million people world wide pay an amazing $15 a month to be able to participate
in this extravaganza.

Throughout the blog you will uncover how the game has been
able to grow to such immense numbers but all the while learning how the game
has left the screen and become something much than a just a game designed to
kill things and level up. You will also see that the game has impacted people
from around the globe and has been able to give rise to its own economy and off
line communities. You may even uncover your dream man or women in one of my
topics. So sit back relax and let the World of Warcraft consume your mind.

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For the Horde!!!

For the Horde!!! | The "World" of Warcraft |

"Shopping for World of Warcraft..."


Yes WoW is a massive online role playing game that has over
12 million users worldwide. However it is much more than that now, and it has
been for a very long time. The brand World of Warcraft has spun off to a multimillion
dollar merchandising company that makes anything from shirt to collectable
cards to lunch boxes. The icon alone carries the same impact in the online
community as the Mickey Mouse ears or the Pepsi logo. Anyone who has ever
played the game can pick out a horde emblem a mile away. Even my mom knows what
the term WoW means. You would be surprised, just ask someone if they have ever
heard of the World of Warcraft... Don't tell me how many people you asked knew
what it was, that would be way to many, but make your counting task easier and
do the opposite. See how many people have not heard of the game....

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WoW takes competition to the global arena...

WoW takes competition to the global arena... | The "World" of Warcraft |

" - Guild Rankings, Detailed History of Guilds and Characters, PvE Progression, Recruitment..."


Global communities such as YouTube and Facebook have an utter
grasp on the worlds social media, however WoW is slowly closing in on that
status. Server firsts and world firsts have sent guilds that run more efficiently
and have a military like hierarchy into all out frenzies to be the first team to
claim the title of world's biggest nerd. They take week long vacations from work and delegate
time to focusing on new content that blizzard releases so that they can claim
the title of the world's first guild to complete a dungeon. Yes I know it seems
like a very false claim but it's the truth. Guilds are actually being purchased
and being promoted by actual products. There given free trips, free computers
and even cold hard cash to sell their website space for advertisement because
they attract so much traffic that companies like Mountain Dew and Alien Ware
computers are fighting to get there name on there site.

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"Just when i thought I was out.... they pull me back in!"

"Just when i thought I was out.... they pull me back in!" | The "World" of Warcraft |

"Are you a World of Warcraft junkie, and you miss your friend trolling the fields and mountains of Azeroth by your side? Blizzard is now offering an incentive for both the current player and previous subscriber thanks to a handy new Scroll of..."


This post resonated with me in the worst possible way! Not
because there outlandish attempts to keep players addicted, but because of the
fact that I had to do everything to hold myself from taking this offer.
Blizzard knows the great mass of addicted trolls they have under their grasps,
but that's not good enough they just won't let those who have escaped go free!
Stay strong my recovering addicts stay strong!

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Virtual Economy

Virtual Economy | The "World" of Warcraft |

"How nerds make money!"


One may ask, how do you get enjoyment out of playing a game
that costs you money every month to play? Well that's a good point, I used to
respond by saying I make money playing! Although my mom didn't buy this for one
second, like many other WoW addicts you would begin to lose money from the
constant request for reduced hours at work, which in term meant less money
which led to not being able to afford playing WoW. My solution to that... find
ways to put my addiction to work for me! I would constantly sell in game money
for real cash on PayPal, sell runs through dungeons for even greater lump somes
of money and the grand daddy of them all was selling my account that I under Blizzards
terms and agreements didn't even own at all and starting a new one. Yes I know those were the good
ol'days. I honestly made a killing like much of my guild mates who also had no
social lives! It payed to be a nerd!

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Addiction | The "World" of Warcraft |

"Are you addicted to WoW? Warcraft addictions seem to be fairly common. I'm definitely not saying there is anything wrong with video game addictions."


This is going to be a reoccurring topic throughout the piece
so I figured it would be best to start with this. Even though these stories may
seem a little crazy and outlandish, there are as real as they get. Have you
ever seen a WoW junkie? Not only did I myself see one in the living flesh, I
too once was an addict! It's crazy to believe I used to rush home from work,
skip family get-togethers and lose track of time on a daily basis all just to
raid a repetitively redundant virtual realm once known as the "Black



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WoW is good for your love life! Wait really?!?!

WoW is good for your love life! Wait really?!?! | The "World" of Warcraft |

"Here is the online role-playing game you should play, no matter who you are."


 Survey says couples who both play are more likely to have a
healthy relationship than those in which one partner plays and the other sits
on the sidelines. So ladies and now I have to say gentlemen due to my recent
findings on the amount of women that play, if you want a healthy
relationship... play WoW! Honestly there's no point in fighting the beast. If you can't win why not just join em?
So if you find Mr. or Mrs. right and the only thing you can't stand is the fact
that he or she is glued to a computer screen, maybe you shouldn't try to pry him or
her away from it you should just pull up a chair next to them and start
clicking away!

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World of Warcraft goes beyond the game....

World of Warcraft goes beyond the game.... | The "World" of Warcraft |

"World of Warcraft news, community and item database.."


The online community away from the community. The game is a sprawling
online community filled with so many different walks of life that communicate,
play and react to one another through this virtual identity known as there character.
An identity that carries more weight than one would think. You gain respect and
recognition through your ability to pawn noobs on the gaming screen. So much
that you are able to recognize certain players by simply seeing their names or
there guilds. Such guilds carry such a renown that they even host tryouts to
fill an open raiding spot that is available. Some go as far as to make you
submit an application to their website which is reviewed by guild officers which
then finally makes its way to the guild master who has the ultimate decision on
whether or not you make the cut. Don't believe me... Google it!

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We are nerds in numbers!

We are nerds in numbers! | The "World" of Warcraft |

"Blizzard Entertainment announced that World of Warcraft has reached more than 12 million subscribers around the world almost six years after the massi..."


Although many people think what WoW is nothing more than a
simple virtual reality that people flock to have their life consumed in front
of a monitor... Well in realty it is but the shear massive amount of people
that it has been able to do that to is staggering. Not only that it is has been
able to do that for such a lengthy period of time. The game was released in
2004 and the amount of addicts... I mean users has been growing ever since. To me it's crazy to believe that so many people
don't understand how truly powerful this community is. Just try it.. I dare
you.... but proceed with caution cause i promise you will be consumed. 

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BlizzCon | The "World" of Warcraft |

"OMG!!! I r going to Blizzconnn!!!"


Ahh Blizcon, this is where the "Trekies" of the
World of Warcraft get together to talk about... you guessed it, WoW and other
Blizzard related products (mostly WoW). The annual event is held once a year
and it is a spectacle to say the least. Nerds from across the globe gather in
there costume and paraphernalia alike to celebrate the announcement of the next
addicting piece of software Blizzard is going to charge you to enjoy. It's kind of
sad really, not the event but the fact that I was never able to attend one
while I was so addicted to the game. Hey just cause I wouldn't have had the
guts to dress up doesn't mean that I wouldn't want to get my limited edition
pet that was nothing more than a pixilated non-useable item in the game for
showing my loyalty by purchasing the admission ticket at a whopping 175
dollars. Yes you heard right, you have to pay to go to an event that Blizzard
would announce more things that you would buy from them! Highway robbery I tell
you, a robbery I would have gladly been a part of.

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The Nerd Next Door

The Nerd Next Door | The "World" of Warcraft |

"Video games are for nerds!"

"Wait... Mila Kunis plays WoW?"


Yes its true... Every nerds fantasy has come true! The feminine
sounding voice on the other end of that microphone may actually be a super
model and not just some pimply faced pre-pubescent twelve year old. Not only do girls play video games, extremely hot and successful women play to. To think the likes of such hotties like
Cameron Diaz and Mila Kunis would even dare pick of the controller is shocking
to someone like myself. So you may ask why this post is even here... believe it
or not it's not just a way for me to post a picture of a beautiful girl on my
blog, but it's actually very relevant to grasp the online gaming world of
WoW and the magnitude of its audience what it has become.. and I really wanted to post
a picture of a beautiful girl on my page! :p

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