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A man's voice, urgent: 'America is in crisis. It feels like we're coming apart.' Shots from a hand-held camera -- blurry, indistinct. Angry citizens, protests. Closeup on a bearded young man, his face distorted by rage.


1. the honesty in the gov. words


2.- "One candidate has silky words, but what do they mean? What do we really know of him?"

-"They are all bad." If your child is a happy little psychopath, he will be encouraged: "Good, I'll fit right in when I grow up." But assuming your children are not psychopaths, and in spite of their daily behavior that tends to be true, they will be discouraged. They would never want to take part in public life some day. They would never even want to pay attention to it. Because they want to grow up and be admirable.

-Attack ads are the dreck of democracy.


3. the writers opinion is against anything of the cannidate...she thinks no matter what the cannadate might be saying, they could be lying;we would never know.


4. sorta..."One candidate has silky words, but what do they mean? What do we really know of him?"

-"His backwoods chatter can't hide the facts. He's never had a college education -- or any education at all. He claims he read the classics at night, by candlelight. But that's not really what the frontier was about."

-"They call him 'Honest Abe.' But he's just another Springfield insider."


6.No matter what any body may say you wont know if they are lying or not.


7. type of reader this was written for is an opinonist....a person who has an opion about one thing and needs more facts of some sort


8. yes...the writer keeps stating that cannidates can't always be trusted...


9. Noonan, Peggy. "How Honest is 'Honest Abe'?" The Patriot Post. 18 Feb 2012