The Vander Weele Group
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The Vander Weele Group
The Vander Weele GroupLLC is expert in gathering, analyzing, and reporting complex information. We apply this skill set in multiple sectors through different means. But always, we’re meticulous, thorough, and objective. Our core mission is to promote integrity in large organizations and protect them from chaos when things go awry. We save clients millions of dollars and untold disruption by stopping deals that never should occur, by catching culprits mid-stream before they inflict greater damage, by dispelling false accusations, by warding off litigation, and by strengthening systems to prevent future incidents. Our team members have worked on thousands of investigations into vendor and employee misconduct – embezzlements, conflicts of interests, insider dealing, diversion of product to the black market, and so on. Our ground-level fact-finding includes surveys, audits, forensic data analysis, assessments, and onsite monitoring. Although we’re expert in finding out who did what, we also pay attention to gaps in systems that allowed a breach to occur. Our analyses fuel strategies for change, strengthening an organization’s mission by increasing efficiencies and decreasing the opportunity for disruptive incidents. We believe that our best work draws on a convergence of disciplines such as investigations, forensic accounting, auditing, law, data analysis, and operational security, augmented by a keen understanding of challenges inherent in managing large organizations. Depending on our clients’ needs, we marry those core skills with subject-specific expertise such as education, manufacturing, health care, or construction.
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