Implications Wheel - The U.C. File
Here's a presentation on the on the incidence of "unintended consequences."
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Having frontline employees who are engaged and motivated is essential to deliver on your CX goals - but why do call centres find it so difficult to do?
Achieving the right balance of data privacy and IT security
Internet-connected security cameras, smart cable boxes and smartwatches have redefined what privacy entails. For example, recent pushback from the U.S. military demonstrates the unintended consequences of the IoT when analysts discovered that enemies can potentially identify troop locations via G...
Achieving the right balance of data privacy and IT security
Organizations often experience a struggle to balance security practices against data protection, especially when considering the rights of data subjects.
How Wearables Take Hotel Operations to the Next Level
Staff wearables help hotels achieve operational efficiency and a better guest experience with instant, hands-free communication.
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