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Pro-Life, Pro-Choice CollideWJHG-TV“They were deemed to be nonhuman, subhuman and we are arguing that that is the same thing that is happening today with abortion.” Pro-choice students rallied around the display, handing out condoms and debating...

1. The controversy between Pro Life an Pro Choice.

2.-The Pro Lifes  beliefs;

      - The Pro Choice beliefs

        -Many Contraversies and rumors cleared.

3. The writer has a neutral point of view.

4. No, but  her  opinion is  neutral, you can conclude this by the columnist' vocaulary towrds both parties.

6. I have  learned the pros and cons  from both sides of the story.

7. An activist in the abortion movement.

8. I  would actually not be biast, but stand up for

my beliefs which is Pro Life.

Part 2:

The article contains more logical appeal with its facts on the both sides of the parties. The comparee and Contrast in this column is phenomannal.

Many readers  have  the ability to come to a conclusion of  which side off the  debate you would likely be on.