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Enhance your Facebook Pages with these timeline ready apps. A total of 25 facebook apps to choose from, including BONUS app suggestions to improve fans engagement.


For page managers who know how to work with Facebook apps, the new Timeline layout for Pages is a great opportunity to highlight their application tab for maximum visibility and increase click through rates. But for those who aren’t, finding those timeline ready apps can be a massive headache.

Before adding any facebook applications to your Timeline (layout) page, there are a few things you should know:


NOT all facebook applications are suitable for your Page NOT all facebook applications are free Understand the use of each app before installing Understand each approved facebook app WILL HAVE access to a certain amount of your personal data on Facebook Facebook app is an ADDED advantage to achieve a particular purpose you have for your brand (get leads, customer contact info) but certainly NOT a compulsory It’s OK to NOT install any third party apps on your page if you don’t feel like it
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