As year passes by we get to see various different trends in the mobile device industry and to be very specific the developments are noticed much in the mobile application industry in precise. In every alternative year in the calendar displayed a successful growth in the mobile consumer activity which is really appreciable from industry point of view. If we look back in year 2010, we can see that the year was dedicated towards smart phones and the mobile applications used for the same. The year 2011, was truly dedicated for the Tablet PC and other technical mobile devices. The rapid increase in the demand for the mobile devices with sharp demand for varieties of mobile OS has been noticed in the year 2012. This demand for newer applications introduced the demand for the mobile application developers in the industry. The importance of location-based Mobile advertising is also in an increasing trend and a very good scope of the people to grow in this industry having interest in this section is there. Let's understand the trend for mobile app development for this year, 2012.

• Tremendous demand for mobile application for business functioning: The spot light is on the mobile application for business functioning for the year 2012 in place of mobile gaming and the social networking applications in the previous year. In present scenario a sharp inclination of depending on business applications has been noticed in this year among the business tycoons to perform multi task at a time in a very easier manner. The business application development is a serious and important business in today's scenario in the mobile application industry.


• Increase of demand in mobile payment application: 90 out of 100 consumers of mobile applications prefer to use mobile devices to make the online payments. A rapid increase has been noticed in the demand for mobile payment application in place of debit card, credit card and even net banking facility. The software companies are working hard to manufacture custom made special business applications for enterprises to make feasible, varieties of activities. This need of good mobile payment application enhanced the demand for developers in applications dedicated for enterprises.


• Increase in demand for Microsoft windows phone applications: The mobile application which is made by the developers need to be user friendly, highly usable as well as offering multi tasking operations. The sudden enhancement in the demand for Microsoft windows phone applications open up the market for the software developers for the creation of metro-style UI application for the present and upcoming smart phones.


The maximum developments in the mobile application industry are seen in the areas of business functioning, phone applications and payment application in the year 2012. The development is noticed more clearly in these three sections although there are many other sections where the contributions of mobile applications can be noticed. This is not the end of the year and lot more surprises are awaited from the industry in the second half of the year, 2012. Just wait and watch.



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