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Sikkim, a state contained in the distant easterly area of India, comes with an captivating heritage. Join a Sikkim tour package to the area and look at old monasteries and unforgettable landscapes.

Sikkim in the English Raj

Through the 1800s, Sikkim used to be a separate region governed via the kingdom, next to India. At the time English ruling in India started out, Sikkim was one of the nation's allies. Nepal happened to be a warlike country at this time, and fought battles with Sikkim. The British Raj helped defeat the Nepalese that eventually would become historically recognized as the Gurkha War of 1814.

The English Raj, which controlled India throughout the decades, really helped the kingdom of Sikkim battle the penetrating Nepalese during the early 1800s, but by 1853 The British empire had established Sikkim as its colony.

Subsequent to Indian autonomy

As anyone fascinated with history understands, India turned out to become an independent state in 1947. The brand new government set out to fuse the states that made up the country. The populace of each and every district and protectorate gave their vote to see if they wanted to join or remain in the new nation.