Toward the Global Transition — 2012 and Beyond | THE  SPOT |

It is increasingly clear that the institutions of yesterday are inadequate for the challenges of tomorrow.  Multinational corporations bent toward the myopia of quarterly returns are ill-fit for extended periods of volatility and turbulence.  Centralized governments, with an opacity built in to ensure secrecy, cannot keep pace with the speed-of-light communications of 21st Century internet-based and mobile technologies.  They must be opened up and redesigned with agility and integrity as guiding principles.


What is needed now is nothing less than the wholesale redesign of civilization.  Our banking institutions must be reconnected to the thriving of human communities.  Our schools and universities must cultivate a creative resilience that enables massive-scale innovation.  Our businesses must produce positive social impacts alongside healthy revenues.  And our governments must successfully provide the supports through which well-being is sustained and spread across the entirety of nations, cities, and villages.


This concept of bridge-building across paradigms was developed by the Berkana Institute.

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