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Story: Global Reflections on the Role of Story and Narrative in School Librarianship.


For this issue we will provide a space in which stories about story can be told, and in which research on the use of stories in the widest possible range of aspects of school librarianship can be reported. Research may address any aspect of story or narrative.

Possible topics include, but are not limited to:

Story as a pedagogical tool. Narrative and the gathering of stories of lived experience,      as a research approach. The place of story and storytelling in the profession      of school librarianship. Digital storytelling. The impact of social media on storytelling. How professional identities of school librarians are inspired and developed through story. Oral traditions. Stories as a form of social capital in school library advocacy. Storytelling and the brain. Narrative inquiry as a qualitative research method. Interpretive research.


School library researchers are invited to submit papers reporting their own original research that has not been published elsewhere. Authors who wish to know more about the issue theme should contact the editors to discuss  their interests.

School Libraries Worldwide also welcomes submissions of excellent research on any topic relating to school librarianship for the open portion of the journal.

Submission guidelines are available online at School Libraries Worldwide and papers can be submitted online at

Deadline for submissions of full papers: April 1, 2013.

Authors interested in contributing to this issue should contact the editors directly, Nancy Everhart and Marcia A. Mardis.

General suggestions and inquiries for the journal may be sent to:

Dr. Nancy Everhart and Dr. Marcia A. Mardis
Editors, School Libraries Worldwide
School of Library and Information Science
College of Communication & Information
The Florida State University
Tallahassee FL 32306-2100 USA
Fax: 1 (780) 492-7622

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