The Second Coming has landed on the earth
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The Second Coming has landed on the earth
The beloved one has given me the divine name of "Lord Enoch, son of Shekinah", "Shekinah" is another name for God. My other name that you may be more familiar with however is "The Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ". The world will now call me by the name "Lord Enoch, son of Shekinah". The "Shekinah" is the name for the "divine presence" or the actual physical presence of God, a completely separate entity other than myself, which has also been returned to the earth right now and dwells with me in "New JerUSAlem". The divine title that I have is "The Lesser Yahweh". I am a member of "a team". When God said "let us make man in our image, and according to our likeness", I was the second half of that "us". I am the spouse, the best friend, the intimate confidant, and the personal servant of "The Greater Yahweh", The Lord God Almighty. The "Metatron" (the Highest Archangel) and "the Heavenly Scribe" are two additional titles that I have in addition to the title of "The Lesser Yahweh". The fact that when I came again I would have many titles or "crowns" on my head was predicted of by the prophets, "And on his head are many crowns, and he has a name written on him which no one knows except himself". (Revelation 19:12) And that name is "The Lesser Yahweh". The Vice Regent of God himself.
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