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The Explosion of Pinterest and Why You Should Read This Report

The Explosion of Pinterest and Why You Should Read This Report | The Ischool library learningland |

This piece was written by Dave Copeland for Readwriteweb. There have been many articles about Pinterest but if you do nothing else, read the white paper by Engauge and report they're referring to. It is absolutely the best one I've seen to date. (more details below)


The most important thing in this piece is the report, here's what you'll see:


A new Engauge white paper breaks down:


**the make-up of the average Pinterest user 


**shows that the end result of less reading is more of a focus on content curation than creation.


**The timing of that trend, combined with a stunning design when Internet users are focusing more on visual than text, has allowed Pinterest to explode in popularity.


This is what caught my attention - a quote from a user:


"When I'm looking for new trends on specific topics like fashion or birthday party themes, I now search Pinterest first -- not Google." - Karah Street


Curated by Jan Gordon covering "Content Curation, Social Business and Beyond"


If you're in making Pinterest work for you, you might want to visit my other topic: Pinterest Watch. 


Read full article here: []

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Alessio Manca's comment, March 15, 2012 1:12 PM
nice thought "People aren't really reading anymore": sounds people are becoming parasites
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Curation Tools: The Amsterdam-Born Pinterest Look-Alike for Hip and Cool Stuff - 20Blinks

"...20blinks gives content curation a heady, Dutch twist.


If Pinterest opened people's eyes to the joys of content curation, 20blinks unleashes their souls.


Supposedly, 20Blinks is a place for sharing and appreciating the finer, funkier things across cultures.


Like an ambient content curation platform, 20blinks is dedicated to sharing all things hip.


Many of the collections are a delightful trip. It's a mind-blowing place for sharing and discovery of:

- New music and classic grooves
- Contemporary art and photography
- Buzz-worthy books
- Exotic travel inspiration
- Fresh fashion and much more."

(Source: Yahoo -  


Try it out now: 

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Use Pinterest to Promote Your Programs And Services

Use Pinterest to Promote Your Programs And Services | The Ischool library learningland |

Have you been invited to “check out my stuff on Pinterest” yet? It’s a social media tool based on recommendations and works like a virtual pinboard. You can aggregate a ton of visuals to tell your story and users browse your pinboard. (Just today I was saying that libraries need to redefine the word “browsing ”.) Lots of libraries are exploring how to use Pinterest to promote their work.


Mashable is a great source of information on Pinterest to get you going, including this beginner’s guide and list of top brands using e. Pinterest is growing at a rate that’s outpacing Google+….I think because it is so visually rich and a lot more fun than Google+.


This post provides a snapshot of how a Library is using this hot new social media tool to highlight and promote its collection.


You can also view my own pinboards here (just click on each board to view):

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