The Role of Tej Kohli Foundation in Charitable trusts
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The Role of Tej Kohli Foundation in Charitable trusts
India is fastest developing country around the world in these days. Many India peoples want to help the poor and helpless peoples through charity. There are many charitable trusts and companies available in India for the help of those peoples who are not able to help themselves. Narayan seva sansthan was found in 1985 by Dr. Kailash Manav. In the early days Kailash Manav trip to the hospitals for the inquiries of the injured peoples. Many powerful and rich peoples supported such kind Sansthan to help the poor in charity India. There are many charitable hospitals, homes for old people, orphanages are available in India to take good care of the peoples. Clothes, food, shelters, medicines distributed among the poor peoples. All these charitable events are mostly being telecasted on different kind of TV channels like Astha, Zee TV, Sanskar, and news channels also take place in such kind of events. For the development and rehabilitation of orphan children, there are many kinds of schools are available in India. There is also some kind of special schools are available for deaf and dumb children. All these schools and hospitals are linked with NGO's. The NGO is an organization that works for poor peoples and receive donations. They have developed many ways for the donation like online donation and the donated amount is totally excused from tax. Peoples from around the world has joined this organization and worked for helpless peoples.

Tej kohli Foundation : this trust is one of a kind. It dedicates its work to making sure that every individual is given an equal opportunity in the country. NGO's, beneficiaries, and large organizations work together with this trust to aim at helping in the development of poor communities. It is a self funded program and has been very successful in providing financial help to education, in assisting girls and women to take control of their lives, relieving poverty issues in children as well as Costa Rica.

Charity India: this trust aims at helping and providing aid to the poor and deprived children of India. It has its own webpage where one can donate and help in the cause. Also providing a free webpage for originations to be a part of this trust for no charge at all, but to be able to be a part of the trust, to advertise and to assist in giving back the underprivileged children their rights. There are online blogs as well to help in having a better idea of what's going on.

India today, has the highest population of poor and downtrodden people in the world. All across India people are striving to work and assist many poor families by doing voluntary jobs and through charity. There are many charitable trusts and organizations that help in the upbringing and development of these kinds of people in our society.

Providing Charity for poor people is something that comes from the heart. Many organizations have been founded by well known leaders and men and women who have given their lives to helping the poor. Being the country with the highest population of people who do not know where their next meal is going to come from, this country has well known people from all over the world wanting to provide charity for the poor. Mother Teresa was one of the most well known people who dedicated her life to the poor people of the nation and till today people work for the same cause under her name.
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