USA (April 5, 2013) – Despite a sluggish overall economy, the medical field continues to show strength, boasting the lowest unemployment rate of any profession according to NBC News today. That means there is greater opportunity for those with medical training.


Radiology is a medical field dedicated to working with sophisticated diagnostic equipment like X-ray and ultrasound machines to take internal pictures of patients’ bones and soft tissues. Radiology technicians then develop the images and prepare them for physician review. Physicians need such images to accurately diagnose and treat patients.


Jobs in radiology include radiology technician, ultrasound technician and X-ray technician. A new website is the starting point for anyone considering a career in radiology – The Radiology Technologist. You can find the site at and on it is a wealth of resources about the field.


You can find training programs in your area on the site, as well as career outlooks for those who have the training. There is even information about the qualities one would need in order to succeed as a radiology technician, ultrasound technician or X-ray technician.


To begin your journey to being in one of the best paid and stable professional out there, point your browser to and learn what it takes to provide for your family while caring for others.


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