Everyone wants to be successful and, some people would do all to achieve it (...).

A good tool for success is certainly, the goal. As Brian Tracy say:

Goals are the fuel in the furnace of achievement” Brian Tracy

what makes me say that this topic is sufficiently interesting and important to linger a bit.

All of these goals that will lead us to success!


Beyond the basics of goal that he should be SMART: Simple and Specific | Measurable | Achievable | Realistic | Time limited and which is known to most of us, I would like add the emotional meaning of the subject.

Indeed, the act of setting goals is often linked to an emotional process:

  • From needs who are deepest in us;
  • an ambition to be this or that;
  • Or an ego, oversized, who plays tricks on us;

and many other factors.

All these elements combined can significantly change the logic of things and lead us sometimes on unsafe paths and strewn with pitfalls.

When should we have a goal?...

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