How To Become An Opportunity Magnet | PEOPLE BUILDING |

I was asked to write a guest article for Personal Branding magazine, by successful author and speaker on the topic, Dan Schawbel. Since submitting articles to blogs and publications is a great way to establish yourself as an expert and build your brand, I jumped at the chance.


But first, a quick recap: Branding, whether done by a business organization or a solo entrepreneur, is simply the practice of defining and articulating your own unique value and positioning your value in the minds of your audience.


Once you define your position, you must continue to take the necessary actions to maintain the positive reputation you have created. If you don’t, your brand will suffer and your value declines. It happens to companies all the time: AT&T has a terrible reputation. Groupon took a hit after airing controversial commercials during the Super Bowl. People have a love/hate relationship with discount retail behemoth Walmart...