Foreign Confidential ™: Is Jordan Palestine? | The PALESTINIANS - The Invented People of a Fabricated Nation |

The recent revolutions in Arab countries of the Middle East prove that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is not the main problem of the region. Any attempts to force Israel to create or accept a Palestinian State in the West Bank and Gaza will only enhance the instability in this region. The world community is experiencing growing frustration in the face of the recurrent failures to resolve this conflict. These failures are the result of a miss-diagnosis of the roots of the conflict. If it was in fact a territorial conflict between two nations over a piece of land, the logical solution of division of the land would be the true cure to the conflict and could have been achieved long ago. But this conflict is not a territorial conflict, but a religious war – a clash of ideologies. As such, the Palestinians will never be ready to recognize Israel as a Jewish State and declare the end of the conflict.


The Jordanian King is simply trying to save his own skin. Increasingly menaced by Islamists at home, he wants to keep the international/Islamist focus on Israel.

His comments are a reminder that two Israeli leaders--Ariel Sharon and Yitzhak Shamir--may have been right about Jordan. It is the Palestinian state, and the world would have long ago recognized it as such if not for the Hashemite monarchy.


Contrary to popular opinion which has nothing to do with historical fact, Jordan and the Arabs of the West Bank are OCCUPYING Jewish territory in violation of San Remo, the British Mandate and the League of Nation's - international community - decisions under international law, a land that was never Muslim land but always Jewish. The Hashemites, cousins of the Saudi kings, are extending their Caliphate ambitions. And that is what the Mideast conflict is about. Muslims will not tolerate Jews amongst them and are at war - JIHAD - against Jews and Christiendom until both disappear from the Islamic lands. And then the Islamists will continue their invasion and repopulating of Andaluz - Europe and beyond, which they also consider holy Islamic lands.