The WORLD MEDIA is losing interest in The Palestinian Cause in spite of heavy coverage. People are bored with it, "It has been overexposed," one credible source remarked. Another staffer at ARAB NEWS said that the Palestinian narrative is failing to garner True Believers.


Dubbed the “Global March to Jerusalem,” organizers are planning rallies worldwide with the bulk of the demonstrators moving on the borders separating Israeli and the Palestinian Authority, but also in major cities around the world, some in front of Israeli embassies.

While Israel is downplaying the event diplomatically, it has nevertheless beefed up its security forces and issued warnings to neighboring Arab states through intermediaries not to allow demonstrators near the borders or violate the country’s sovereignty, lest there be a replay of similar marches last year that saw over a dozen people killed and hundreds wounded while trying to breech minefields and penetrate heavily armed Israeli frontiers.

But this year’s planned massive demonstration is coming at a time when the Palestinian issue has fallen off the political table.