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The “Internet of Things” will transform the hosting and data center industries, generating a tidal wave of data that will prompt companies to enlist third-party providers to help them manage it, according to analyst Rachel Chalmers.


An ‘Inflection Point’ Ahead

Even greater opportunities lie ahead, said Chalmers, driven by the proliferation of Internet-enabled devices, known as the Internet of Things.


“There’s an inflection point coming that will dramatically raise the stakes and rewards,” said Chalmers. “Every single (enterprise) is in the process of redefining themselves as an information company. We believe hosting and managed services providers stand to be the main beneficiaries of this trend.”


The trend has begin in earnest with smartphones, but will accelerate as more devices and sensors become web-enabled and share data to help companies understand consumer behavior and business trends.


Mobile as a Precursor Market

“The Internet of mobile devices is already here,” said Chalmers. “There is a far bigger constellation of end points on the horizon. The numbers are poised to explode. We deeply believe that mobile is a precursor market for the Internet of things.”


The volume of data generated by all those devices will test the existing infrastructure for many enterprises, Chalmers said.

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