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Summary via postscapes


Andrew Fisher @ajfisher put together a lengthy post on Tuesday titled "Towards a sensor commons"


Begins with:

"The action taking place is the creation of what I call the Sensor Commons. Why is this a revolution? Because as a population we are deciding that governments and civic planners no longer have the ability to provide meaningful information at a local level."


"For me the Sensor Commons is a future state whereby we have data available to us, in real time from a multitude of sensors that are relatively similar in design and method of data acquisition and that data is freely available whether as a data set or by API to use in whatever fashion they like.


My definition is not just about “lots of data from lots of sensors” – there is a subtlety to it implied but the “relatively similar in design and method of data acquisition” statement."


and then goes on to break down 5 things he thinks are requirements for the Sensor Commons:

Gain trust Become dispersible Be highly visible Be entirely open Be upgradeable
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