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Scooped by Tukker McLean!

2014 Opening Trout Weekend Northern PA

We travel up north to start the season off and the fishing is awesome! We caught Big trout, high numbers and even made it to catch some natives.
Tukker McLean's insight:

You Tube Clip


Relates to Theme: The video shows people fly fishing, catching rainbow trout. This is a type of fishing done in streams and rivers. It shows one method of fishing.

Message in video: I believe the video shows the sportsmanship of fishing and the importance of catch and release fishing. Fish are released back into the water to encourage growth of the species.



1) Where are they fishing?

2) What kind of fishing are they doing?

3) What is the Palmino?

4) What is Mike's minno?

5) What is the tradition they talk about?

6) What kind of fish are they catching?







LONG POINT - A whole new fishing experience is being offered in Lake Erie this summer.

BAER's Kayak Fishing has formed a partnership with Long Point Eco Adventures to offer a variety of kayak fishing opportunities in the water surrounding Turkey Point and Long Point. They offer tours for everyone from first-time anglers to the most avid and experienced fishermen from the comfort of an angler kayak.

“It's a completely different experience. It brings you a lot closer to nature. It's you, the water, the fish, the sky. It gives you time to connect,” said Barna Robinson of BAER's Kayak Fishing from his kayak floating just off the beach of Turkey Point. “You can see the fish coming up. Usually when you are in a boat you don't see that kind of stuff. You can hear the birds chirping. You can hear the fish splashing behind you...You see things (in the kayak) you just don't see on a boat.”

The kayaks are foot-propelled and required very little physical ability or strength. They glide through waves, providing a relaxing experience.

“They are designed so that anyone can do it,” said Robinson, who navigates the water with ease. The kayaks are also stable enough for anglers to stand up and cast a reel as Robinson demonstrated despite slightly rougher waters caused by a storm approaching Norfolk County.

Even with cloudy skies, the beautiful scenery along the shoreline of Lake Erie was evident from the kayak.

“This is God's country. Sometimes it's cool to see the weather coming from miles and miles away,” said Robinson looking out at the open water in front of him.

A few tours have already been out but the last week of June and throughout July will be the prime time for smallmouth bass. Robinson noted due to the nature of the kayak, anglers must fish for whatever is in the area – you can't chase fish into open water.

“It's way more rewarding,” said Robinson of fishing from the kayaks instead of a boat. “When you catch a fish, it's awesome. You think, I've conquered the lake. I've conquered the fish and you've created zero emissions doing it.”

Basic tackle equipment is provided along with all the necessary safety gear.

There are several different launch sites depending on the weather and what type of fishing you would like to do.

A valid fishing licence is required to participate in tours and tours typically last about five hours.

For more information, visit

Sarah Doktor


'It's you, the water, the fish, the sky'


The news article describes a new fishing experience using kayak's in our local waters of Lake Erie. I choose this article to make people aware of the new opportunity in our community. I liked the article because I'd like to try this method of fishing. It sounds fun and exciting, being so close to the water and fish would be awesome. It reminds me of when I went deep sea fishing on the ocean in Nova Scotia for cod. the whole experience was something I will always remember. I am always looking for new fishing opportunities.




News Article

Goby in the Great Lakes 


An invasive species can alter the natural balance in any habitat and ecosystem. The goby has been invading the fresh water's of the Great Lakes since about 1990, and has been upsetting the balance at a quick rate. believed to have brought over in ballast water of ship's travelling from Europe, the goby is from one of the largest fish families. most goby are small fish less than 4 cm in length and are bottom dwellers.

In less than a decade the round goby has successfully spread throughout the Great Lakes a has begun to invade the inland waters as well. In some area's the fish are very dense at about 100 fish per Square metre. the goby prefer rocky, sandy bottoms. They feed aggressively on insects, small organisms on lake and river bottoms, zebra and quagga mussels, small fish and fish eggs. Their aggressive eating habits enable them to spawn several times a year allowing them to multiple and spread quickly.

The goby's aggressive habits and rapid spread have had serious impacts on native species. The fish compete with and prey on native bottom dwelling fish. they also Threaten other species already at risk in the Great Lakes Basin like fresh water mussels. The goby has a great significance As a prey species for commercially important fish like cod and haddock. They have impacted sport fishing populations as well by competing for food sources and eating their eggs, preventing the populations from growing.

Researcher's believe the round goby is linked to outbreaks of botulism  type E in the Great Lakes fish and fish eating birds. The disease causes toxin to be passed from zebra mussels to goby to birds resulting in large die offs of birds and fish.

To prevent the spread of this invasive species the Ontario Government has banned the possession of live round goby and the use of round goby as bait fish.

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Scooped by Tukker McLean!

Billy Currington- Bad Day of Fishin'

Billy Currington- Bad Day of Fishin'
Tukker McLean's insight:

Bad Day of Fishing by: Billy Currington

Theme: I believe the theme is that the man in the song would rather fish and not catch anything or sit in bad weather, than have a good day doing something else. I think he believes fishing is the best way to spend time.

Relates to Topic: I understand how he feels because I love to fish. It's a good way to relax and enjoy your time. I think it's fun and one of my favourite ways to spend my time.

Intended Audience: I think the singer intended the song for people who love fishing as much as he does. I think the song tells people that fishing is a fun activity wether you catch fish or not. It talks about how he loves the sport  reguardless of the outcome.

Prove Tone: The song states how he'd rather fish and catch nothing than do any other activity. He can't think of any other way he'd rather spend his time.

Examples: " it's raining like hell oh well"

                   " a bad day of fishing beats a good day of anything else"

                   " tonight's fish fry is going to taste like chicken







Fishing is an ancient practice that has been used for over 40,000 years. Fishing was developed as a means of survival among many cultures. Various forms of early fishing techniques are currently used today.

Fishing has evolved over time, the early methods used have been made more efficient using modern technology. Spear fishing was done using basic tools that could be made into a spear. Today the idea is the same although spears have become much more efficient and accurate.

Hand fishing was also an early fishing practice mostly used do to lack of equipment is still used today.  This is known as noodling and practiced in the United States. I think this type of fishing is mostly used for recreational purposes and as a unique experience.

Angling is commonly used among everyday fisherman. This can be done in a large variety of methods. The traditional hook, line and sinker, line fishing, casting,  fly fishing, ice fishing, kayak fishing, boat fishing, trolling and gigging are some of the many methods used today. I believe most people who fish fit into the angler category of fishing. The early methods of using a line and pole have advanced into the huge industry and past time it's become today.

Today fishing is not just a recreational sport enjoyed worldwide it is also a large part of the economy. Commercial fisherman have difficult jobs meeting the supply and demand around the world. I believe as the fishing techniques have evolved so have the people fishing. We are more aware of the effects we have on the ecosystems and habitats in the waters. People are making efforts to stop the irreversible damage done in the past. People are more conscious about the survival of fish species and are making efforts to improve their viability. Catch and release is a method that is widely used among all fisherman regardless  of the technique used. I practice the catch and release method when I fish. I know this will help ensure I 'll be able to enjoy fishing for years to come.

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