Texas Drought Leads to High Demand for Water Wells | The New ‘It’ Thing in Texas: A Well | Scoop.it

As the most intense drought in state history drags on, the demand for water wells has soared, and many Texans are enduring long waits to have wells drilled in their backyards.


1. the drought that Texas has been suffering caused a demand for more wells.

2.the writer gives a description of the harsh drought

-the writer also shows us the importance of having wells

-the writer also lets us know how the drought is helping  local well businesses.

3.the writer thinks the drought has been goood on the well drilling businesses, but also worries about the water levels underground.

4.the writer directly states her opinion by saying,"plenty of Texans are waiting for months to have wells drilled, fearful that their municipalities could impose stricter limits on water. But this increased demand is causing concerns that groundwater in some places will start drying up, and regulators are working on rules to maintain certain groundwater levels."

6.I learned that a drought can carry some possitive effects to the local economy in the area that has been affected by the drought.

7.this article was written for Texans or people who are experencing a drought, to help them get an idea of how to get water.

8.I dont feel like the writer offers enough evidence to persuade me to agree with her. i didnt feel moved by anything in this article.


2.drilling business is booming thanks to the harsh drough that Texas is experiencing. this excessive drilling could cause a problem in the water levels underground.I dont feel like the author tried to persuade me to think that the water levels undergroud were a problem, she only wanted me to agree with her that the drought had been good for well drilling businesses.