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Enjoy it While You Exercise: 11 Fitness Tips for Beginners

Enjoy it While You Exercise: 11 Fitness Tips for Beginners | The Muscles Fitness |
Nancy Nicon's insight:

Regardless of the motive why you decided to go to practice fitness, or with any kind of recreation, see the advice and recommendations on what you should do before training, what kind of equipment you should get and how you should work with a trainer.

1 CLOTHING when choosing what you will practice make it a comfortable wear, you cannot pinch and has to be cotton to sweat to evaporate.

2nd Brassieres Always wear "sports" model that clung chest during physical activity.

 3rd TOWEL AND SLIPPERS Take a towel and slippers to make sure that you protect yourself from possible infection. Do not sit or walk barefoot and naked in the locker room.

4th FOOTWEAR The rear of the shoes you wear should be reinforced to the front. If you have decided to pursue tennis, squash and table tennis should opt for a flat-sole shoes. Are coming to training in a dress, a practice in another. Get experts advice here:


5th COOPERATION WITH INSTRUCTOR Pre workout instructor tell you the basic things about your lifestyle and get to know him from his goals. Be sure to say, if you have any chronic diseases and disorders.

6th BREATHING It is important to breathe through your nose and take the air during exercise, thinking that it will last longer effort. Thus, the obtained body does not need oxygen. Properly is to breathe in the moment of his greatest efforts.


Perspiration during fitness, lose minerals. Reimburse them with water. During exercise you should drink at least a liter of natural water. If you drink potions opt for those that contain vitamin C as antioxidant.

8th HEAT training should not begin without heating. Prepared muscle is elastic and will easily bear the effort, while the muscle is not prepared to be cracks.Follow Muscles fitness guide:


 9th MEALS AND FITNESS Avoid exercising full, but completely empty stomach. If you are hungry, you will not have the energy and you will feel weak. Before training is best to eat a banana.

10th EXERCISES AND kilogram if the main motivation for exercise to reduce overweight, do not worry about the results that show scale. Give a true picture and mirror and wardrobe. Muscle tissue is heavier than fat, so can gain muscle mass with a gain of body fat does not have to demonstrate on the balance as a small amount of weight.

11th Do not throw FATS It is important to establish a measure, not to remove fat completely. Fat mass is energy supplies that the body uses when they are needed. A balanced diet comprising carbohydrate, protein and fat content in relation to 40:30:30..

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