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The Overwhelmed Employee

The Overwhelmed Employee | The media |

"We just completed a major study of human capital trends around the world (Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends, 2500 organizations in 90 countries) and the message is clear:  companies are struggling to engage our modern, 21st century workforce.


This is a worldwide issue. Gallup research shows that only 13% of employees around the world are actively engaged at work, and more than twice that number are so disengaged they are likely to spread negativity to others.


...And when we asked companies to evaluate their management practices they were particularly critical of the way they manage performance, leading us to the conclusion that performance management is broken. (Read The Myth of the Bell Curve for more on this topic)…"

Paul Cadario's insight:

A global problem for organizations

John Michel's curator insight, March 16, 2014 12:22 PM

Now is the time to think holistically about your company’s work environment and consider what you can do to create passion, engagement, and commitment. It may be “the issue” we face in business over the next few years.

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How MSNBC Became Fox's Liberal Evil Twin

How MSNBC Became Fox's Liberal Evil Twin | The media |


You can agree with everything that Rachel Maddow or Ed Schultz say on MSNBC and still oppose their right to say it.

MSNBC has pumped up its ratings by recasting itself as a left-leaning riposte to Fox News, and that’s fine. Fox long ago proved that a lot of viewers like to hear cable anchors echo what they already think; MSNBC is just playing catch-up. Fox is still well ahead, especially during a Republican convention, but on Tuesday, there were times when MSNBC drew significantly more convention viewers than CNN.

That’s because MSNBC offers counterprogramming, not coverage. All that arch sarcasm and partisan brio may rev up the cable channel’s fans, but it constrains — and stains — NBC News, its corporate sibling, which is still the country’s No. 1 source in the evening.

Via Michael Charney
Samuel John Klein's comment, September 1, 2012 12:01 PM
Sorry, the opposite of FOX is not its 'evil' twin. The opposite of evil is not 'other evil'. Moreover, where FOX has demonstrated again and again that it functions as essentially the GOP on TV, MSNBC is anything but the Democratic news channel. They don't get marching orders from the Democratic Party, and they aren't owned by a cynical arch-Liberal who wants to take over the world.
SynHolliday's comment, September 1, 2012 7:45 PM
Of course they're the "other evil," any news media company that isn't independent, that isn't biased, is evil. I'm not against commentaries though if they're balanced, if they can present multiple commentators from different angles. As for reporting the news, if it isn't independent, if it is colored with a political agenda, then it surely is evil.
SynHolliday's comment, September 1, 2012 7:46 PM
Sorry, I mean "that IS biased."
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Ethiopia holds state funeral for prime minister Meles Zenawi - CNN

Ethiopia holds state funeral for prime minister Meles Zenawi - CNN | The media |
Ethiopia holds state funeral for prime minister Meles ZenawiCNN(CNN) -- Ethiopia bid farewell to its prime minister Meles Zenawi on Sunday in the nation's first state funeral in more than 80 years.
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