What's going on? We're going to have to suffer three sequels from films that really should be getting any more attention than they deserve. The box office may have granted them a sequel but the critics really wouldn't have.

Via http://bit.ly/hb9T1K - Sources have told us that Summit has hired screenwriters Jon and Erich Hoeber to write a sequel. It’s worth noting that commissioning a script is not the same thing as a giving a green light. However, it is an important first step and if Summit is happy with the Hoebers’ screenplay, then I would expect the studio to hit the gas on what they’re probably hoping will be a new franchise.

G.I Joe
Via http://bit.ly/hAXppX - With Jon Chu directing the G.I. Joe sequel, Paramount Pictures has set a release date for the movie. Also, some previous reports are speculating that only three characters will return for the upcoming sequel: Snake Eyes, Duke and Storm Shadow. And from the THR report it looks like this could indeed be true. There is still no official word will they be recasting other roles, so stay tuned for the updates.

The Expendables
Via http://bit.ly/idQztd - It may not have anybody in the director’s seat at the moment, but Lionsgate have announced at the CinemaCon event that the follow-up to The Expendables has a release date.The action follow-up, surprisingly called (wait for it) The Expendables 2, is scheduled to hit cinemas on 17 August 2012.