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Right now, I’d bet that there are a million pre-teens (mostly girls) out there dreaming of living a life with horses...

Comedian Dennis Miller once said, “As is often the case in this country, when we know somebody loves to do something, we [expletive deleted] them over on their paycheck, because we figure they’re going to do it anyway.”

He was speaking of teachers, but I think it can apply to horse folks too.

@FranJurga writes: So begins John Strassburger's essay on why it takes special people with more than just braiding skills and a love for horses to make it in the horse world.

I think this is a MUST READ article for all of us--and one to pass on to any young people who are considering going to "horse college", vet school or entering the field in their first "horse job".

Of course they won't listen. Of course they won't think it pertains to them. Because we all believe we are the chosen ones.

It would be so easy to get all poetic and answer John's realistic view with the "live your dream" speech...except that he's right.

Click the headline or photo to read the full article on the Horse Journal web site.

SPECIAL NOTE: If you or someone you know is considering a career working with horses in any form, I recommend the new CD series "Inventing Your Horse Career", which interviews people from across the horse industry who are living the dream...but with their eyes wide open.


Watch for more news about this interesting series!