Chinese quarantine restrictions, lack of flights, major stumbling blocks for international show jumping there| Irish Examiner | The Jurga Report: Horse Health, Welfare, and Care |

caption: Cian O'Connor's super horse transport stayed at home while he flew to Beijing for a World Cup qualifier

Five months after an Irish trade delegation to China led by Agriculture Minister Simon Coveney heralded the opening of the country as a possible market for Irish horses, the major obstacles of quarantine and a direct flight have yet to be resolved.

The issue was brought into focus again this week, when Cian O’Connor enhanced Ireland’s reputation there by winning the Beijing World Cup qualifier.

@FranJurga writes: Who else besides me is intrigued by the Chinese hosting of international show jumping?

This article details Irish Olympic rider Cian O'Connor trip to Beijing for a World Cup qualifier last week. It makes me think that Beijing might have been on the OIE mind when the FEI asked for relaxed quarantine standards for competition horses...

I read some coverage of the event and it was so great to see that a Tibetan rider was on the scoreboard right behind Cian! China is the next frontier for selling horses. 

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Photo by William Murphy as seen on The Jurga Report.