The Jazz Era (Age) began in the early 1920's. During this "age" people said "The Jazz Age is born."There are many theories as to how and why the Jazz Era began. People say that jazz music was created because people wanted new kinds of music. Others say that African Americans brought over their homeland music. People then changed it to be Jazz. Jazz is also debated on whether it is a living music or if it is nonliving music. Living music is music that has a rhythm and beat, non living music is slow relaxing music that people danced to. The roots of jazz music were said to “grow out of a very culturally and socially revolutionary life.” In the book, The Great Gatsby, I can imagine at all the parties they went to jazz music would be playing. I can imagine the rich people having live music being played. Or they went out to a nightclub and danced and listened to music. In this article it said that in 1945 some black jazz players were not allowed to play in nightclubs. When they arrived at these "strict night clubs” they were horse whipped. A horse whip is what they use to control a horse; another definition says “to beat with or as if with a horsewhip". Now jazz is still very popular all over the United States and there is a Jazz museum.