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The jazz age started at around 1895, it’s when flapper girls, jazz music, and jazz dancing really because popular. It was also the first time the saxophone really because a popular instrument. Not only did the music change but the clothing changed too. Women started dressing in what many people called swim wear. It was made up of mostly dresses that hid your figure but where very short, and bob hair styles that most women would get done at male barber shops. Women thought to be beautiful you had to wear lots of makeup and a lot of jewelry. The Jazz age was also a time when musicians from Chicago moved to New York, which is why when many people think of jazz they think of New York and them songs that had to do with the state. For example, the famous songs "New York State of mind" and the band the blues brothers, who are stereotypical jazz bands/music. Jazz music originated with the African Americans and was eventually adopted by white Americans around 1990 and became the most popular it has ever been. Both sides had their own interpretation of what jazz music sounded like, but they both melted together to create the stereotypical jazz everyone across the world knows.