Integrating Whitehead: Towards an Environmental Ethic | The Landscape Café |

Creativity! That is the cosmic interval between matter and form. Creativity is the Ultimate Ground out of which matter emerges into form. This mysterious process of emergence is the driving force behind the Kosmos. Somehow, matter (and I will argue consciousness) is destined to organize itself into more and more complex forms. Emergence! Emergence is not a how. It is a what. Emergence only describes what happens; it cannot account for how new forms come into being. Nevertheless, to come into the clearing and find even this insight: stuff emerges--and to scream from your heart "EMERGENCE!," as Whitehead did--is to incite riot. It is to climb upon the roof of scientific materialism and shout to the people below that which they have longed for centuries to hear. Upon hearing this message, there is a stirring, a ruffling of being, an allurement to a deeper perspective, an uncovering of something forbidden and dangerous.

What could be more anti-establishment than to pronounce "creativity" as the very fabric of the universe? Whitehead as revolutionary! A rebel--taking a stand against a tradition much larger than himself. Equipped only with looking deeply into his experience and reporting as accurately as he could with the tools he had, that which he found there, Whitehead waved the banner of emergence and articulated his "philosophy of organism." Whitehead was asking for a new age, a new way of conceiving the interval between matter and form, a new way of perceiving of our relationship in the cosmos. Let us climb upon the roof with him and usher in this revolution of being-in-the-world.