The Next Fifty Years In Technology: Here's What's Coming! | Simply Zesty | The Innovation Library |
What will the next fifty years bring in the world of social media, mobile, robotics and more? Our fifty year timeline shows you just what could be in store


Technology is growing at such an exponential rate, it can be difficult to visualise what the next five years will look like, let alone fifty. We wanted to see just how the future is going to shape up for us. So we compiled all the best predictions for digital technology, mobile, social media, and big data over the next fifty years into a timeline so you can see exactly what’s in store.


The timeline covers expected growth in key markets including spend on digital and mobile, as well as big data so we can start to see exactly where this emerging industry will head. Data for the timeline has been gathered from a wide range of sources, in specialist areas to give as wide a view as possible of what’s coming up....

Via Jeff Domansky