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Rescooped by Errol A. Adams JD/MLS from Information Science and LIS!

Communicating Knowledge Management (KM) to Busy Lawyers | LawyerKM

Communicating Knowledge Management (KM) to Busy Lawyers | LawyerKM | The Information Specialist's Scoop |
I am constantly reminded of the importance of communicating effectively.  And I am repeatedly convinced that a simple message delivered in a simple way is most ("Communicating Knowledge Management (KM) to Busy Lawyers" by @LawyerKM


Connections  Are the Key…

My favorite (and primary) way to communicate KM to lawyers — and the representation in the KM card, above — is to speak in terms of connections.  It’s about “connecting people with people, connecting people with knowledge and information, and the processes, procedures, and technologies required to make those connections.”  I like this approach because it is broad, yet meaningful.  It allows me to talk about various aspects of KM from culture to technology, without eyes glazing over.

I carry the KM cards with me at work (and elsewhere).  When I need to explain KM to someone, I talk about connections.  After my elevator speech, I hand them a card as a take-away mnemonic.   “Here’s an easy way to remember what we do,” I say,  “the KM department’s email address is on the back.”

The more “complex” definitions of KM are fine when talking to people in KM circles and getting into the depths of knowledge management, but when talking to busy lawyers, spouting some convoluted, jargon-bloated, “nonsense” is the surest way to lose their attention.  Lawyers are no strangers to jargon.  They know it — and will reject it (and you) — the second they hear it.

Via Karen du Toit, Joao Brogueira
Karen du Toit's curator insight, April 30, 2013 6:14 AM

Knowledge Management for lawyers > useful in all fields/organizations!

Scooped by Errol A. Adams JD/MLS!

How Technology Changes Our Relationships

How Technology Changes Our Relationships | The Information Specialist's Scoop |
Ah, the Internet.The once magnificent and glorious tool has transformed from being a fast-paced information highway to that place where we all admit, rather begrudgingly, that we spend too much time on.


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