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Rescooped by Errol A. Adams JD/MLS from The Information Professional!

Archivists file in for digital congress "A climate of change" - PS News #ICA2012

"More than 1,000 archivists from 90 countries have come to Brisbane this week to try and solve the challenges of the digital age.

   Hosted by the National Archives of Australia, the International Council on Archives (ICA) Congress is being held until Thursday (24 August) at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre.
   The ICA is dedicated to the effective management of records and the preservation, care and use of the world’s archival heritage through its representation of records and archive professionals around the world."


Full program can be accessed here:


1,000 meet to explore challenges   

It is the first time the four-yearly congress has been held in Australia and this year’s theme A Climate of Change will be explored by a number of keynote speakers including the Head Archivist for the United States of America, David Ferreiro, who will present the topic, ‘Archives in a world of social media’.

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Rescooped by Errol A. Adams JD/MLS from The Information Professional!

Reference and Services Trends in Public Libraries, 2012 by Colleen Egget

We are talking about reference and how it is changing in UPLIFT this week: August 15 at the Utah State Library & August 17 2012 in Ephraim, at the Karen A. Hunstman Library on the Snow College campus.


Reference and Services Trends in Public Libraries, 2012:


- Traditional reference work is less relevant to the needs of users
- Rather than worrying about reference’s demise, many librarians have been energized by their newly expanded roles
- Reconfigured or eliminated reference desks
- Consolidated desks and services
- Librarian and support staff work together on the one main desk
- Librarian can handle more complicated questions
- Increased training for support staff to handle basic reference questions
- The reference interview is as pertinent as ever
- Roving reference is more important—getting out to where people are
- Expansion of self-service options (self-checkout, online group study room reservations, self-service holds, and touch screen frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) on your website/ library catalog
- Reconfiguring online reference resources for smartphones and other mobile devices
- Librarians are exploring new roles in reaching out to meet information needs
- Reference through the stacks and other indirect means
- Reduction/elimination of print reference collections
- Greater marketing and promotion of online resources and services
- Librarians will spend less time staffing desks and more time outside of library walls
- Online reference: email, chat, Instant Messaging, and SMS (short messaging services) reaches users who may not visit the library
- Online reference requires continual marketing to be successful
- Collaborating with other organizations will do as much to keep libraries alive as any project or program
- Embedded librarianship: becoming an integral part. Getting close to users by getting out into the community; being actively present with the user at the point of need.
- The big shift: we’re not doing things “for” the community, but we’re being a part “of” the community
- Libraries are shifting from the physical to the virtual facilities and media; from an individual to a community focus; from being a collection library to being a creation library; from being an archive to being a portal

Via Karen du Toit
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