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One question that seems to me to be very important. What is the best way to do, here are some interesting ideas about it. [note mg]


Dear Lifehacker,
I'm a pretty savvy person when it comes to getting my work on the web where people can see, but all this talk about Facebook passwords and things has me re-thinking my personal/professional boundaries. Should I set up completely separate accounts for my personal life and my professional life, or is that kind of misleading? How can I juggle privacy and openness, especially if I want to make a name for myself and get hired?
Camera Shy


Dear Camera Shy,
Well, there's no clear yes or no answer here, and what's best for you will really come down to how much you want a potential employer to be able to find out about you. Balance that with exactly how strong your desire for privacy is, and you'll know where you come down on this issue. There are some ramifications to going either way though, and a comfortable compromise in the middle may work best for you—let's dig into that a bit.


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