"The Inside Out Library: Scale, Learning, Engagement" Slides Explain How Today's Libraries Can More Effectively Respond to Change, by Lorcan Dempsey | The Information Professional | Scoop.it

Lorcan Dempsey, OCLC's Vice President, Research and Chief Strategist, presented these slides in his keynote on 23 January 2013 at the 21st annual BOBCATSSS Conference in Ankara, Turkey. In his presentation, Lorcan compared the  traditional "outside-in" library model and the new "inside-out" model, evolving as the library positions itself in a changing network environment. The traditional library was built on an "outside-in" model: information materials were brought to the institution and made available for use. This was appropriate in an age of information scarcity and high transaction costs. The only way effectively to interact with a large body of knowledge was to have it assembled close to the reader.

Download: http://www.oclc.org/content/dam/research/presentations/dempsey/insideout.pptx

Slideshare: http://www.slideshare.net/lisld/the-inside-out-library

"Once the library assembled a collection and people came to the library to use it. Now, people build communication, workflows and behaviors around a variety of network resources. The library needs to think about how it is visible and relevant in those workflows and behaviors."