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Bringing Yoga to Public Libraries - The Huffington Post (RT @yoga: Inspiring interview with Christa Avampato (@christanyc), on bringing yoga to the public via libraries:


This is an interview with Christa Avampato, who started a yoga program in 2005 at the Darden School at UVA (where she received an MBA degree). Not surprisingly, many of her classmates were under a lot of stress, so she began teaching a free weekly class at the school. In 2009 her apartment building caught fire; she lost nearly all of her belongings, and almost lost her life. Her yoga practice, coupled with therapy, helped her to heal from the resulting PTSD. She wanted to share that with others who need healing.

Living in New York City, she saw so many people who need the healing power of yoga and can't attend studio classes for a variety of reasons, teachers who want to teach and don't know how to get started, and spaces such as the New York Public Library that are under-utilized. Christa started Compass Yoga to create a bridge between the people who need yoga and don't have a means to access it, teachers who want to give their time and talents, and spaces that might house these connections.

Her one weekly class at the local New York Public Library branch two years ago has expanded to 12 weekly classes at five different NYPL branches and two senior centers. All of these classes are free and open to the public; they draw an average of 25 students to every class.