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Defining the PD roles of the librarian and tech specialist - Doug Johnson

Defining the PD roles of the librarian and tech specialist - Doug Johnson | The Information Professional |

"For school districts that have both school librarians and technology integration specialists, the mutual roles and responsibilities of these positions can be blurred, especially when it comes to teaching and supporting teacher use. Librarians are increasingly using technology to teach IL skills, provide digital resources, and collaborate with classroom teachers on technology-enabled instructional methods. Technology integration specialists are increasingly understanding that just teaching teachers how to use technology and "apps" does not really restructure what happens in school. As these respective roles merge, conflicts may arise.

I am happy to report that in our district, our librarians and tech integrationists truly work as a team. This is one reason* why.

Our strategic road map uses the terms "learning work," "implementation work," and "standard work" to describe the status of initiatives in our district. Learning work deals with pilot projects that will be evaluated for effectiveness. Implementation work is about deploying tested initiatives district-wide. And standard work is what the name suggests - initiatives that have become standard practice and are expected of all teachers in all buildings."

Karen du Toit's insight:

School librarians and tech specialists roles merging!

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A Must Have App Evaluation Rubric

A Must Have App Evaluation Rubric | The Information Professional |
"The choice of which apps to use with your students in the classroom is not an easy one. It ,in fact , calls for a lot of attention from the part of the teacher. You are responsible for your students learning and this responsibility grows riskier when learning becomes digitally based.This is particularly the case when integrating apps into your teaching."
Via Dr. Laura Sheneman
Karen du Toit's insight:

Valuable for librarians when asked or consulted about the use of apps in learning/teaching!

Cristian Cerda's comment, December 8, 2012 8:32 PM
Interesting application, but the content has the same trouble that many of the rubric available on the web: It says nothing:
Ove Christensen's comment, December 9, 2012 6:38 AM
Well I think you should see it as a help for reflection on apps and use of apps. No tools are doing the hard work for you but they help you to remember what to cover.