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MOOCs and Libraries: the good, the bad and the uglyFriday July 12th, 2013 - Pullman Hotel, Central LondonThis one day event hosted by the Open University Library in partnership with OCLC Research and Jisc will focus on the challenges MOOCs pose to the traditional delivery of library services, and the opportunities they offer for libraries to rethink and revitalise their proposition. Participants will be brought up to speed with the latest MOOC developments around the world, but with a particular emphasis on developments in the UK. Speakers will share their experience of or thoughts about the impact MOOCs are having on library services across many sectors, on publishers, and on the higher education landscape. The event builds on a highly successful workshop held in Philadelphia in March, sponsored by OCLC and the University of Pennsylvania at which the Open University was the only institution from outside North America. The objectives of the day are as follows:To raise awareness among librarians of the impact of MOOCs on their environmentTo share experience of libraries involved in MOOCsTo discuss the strategic way forward for HE libraries in this changing landscape and develop a strategic roadmap