Would used e-books work, redux | TeleRead | The Information Professional | Scoop.it

Chris Meadows:

"Since the ReDigi lawsuit surfaced a few days ago, some of the e-book blogs have been taking notice.

[...] TeleRead has already looked at these issues a couple of times, with a reprint of a post on first sale by Marilynn Byerly and my own look at digital resale efforts that didn’t get off the ground. Fundamentally, digital and resale currently just don’t mix.

Even if copyright laws permitted the copying necessary for such a resale (which they currently do not), it’s unrealistic to expect people not to try to have their e-cake and eat it too. Just as you can’t make uncrackable media DRM, you can’t really ensure someone is being honest about getting rid of all copies of media he has “resold”."