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The architects of studio Helen & Ward (founded by Siv Helen Stangeland and Reinhard Kropf) have designed a library in Vennesla, Norway, according to principles of relational design.



architects of Helen & Ward, who designed a multifunctional library in Vennesla, whose interiors resemble the belly of an enormous wooden whale.

The new library incorporates a cafè, meeting places, an administrative area and connects a learning center to a pre-existing community house according to principles of relational design.

A large glass façade, an external loggia which dialogues with the urban environment and an internal passage make the center a place that is open to the public, easily accessible and hospitable.

The project is supported by a veritable skeleton composed of 27 "ribs", hybrid elements that fuse structure, infrastructure, furniture and interiors in a single architectural element.

Each "rib" is an acoustic-absorbent multilayered and multifunctional panel, from which the air ducts and columns pass. The modules serve also as niches, lighting covers and tables. An idea that won the library a class A standing for its low energy consumption according to Norvegian standards."

Via KrisPaterson, nickcarman