Do library promotional campaigns actually work? - by Paul St John Mackintosh | The Information Professional |
Library promotion: Putting it on the streets with posters and ads


"The above was the result of a competition hosted by German publishing giant Springer’s Springer LibraryZone, with the lucky winner Miguel Correia of the Institute of Accounting and Administration of Lisbon (ISCAL) in Portugal. “Wow! I wasn’t expecting this! Thank you, Springer and all the people who voted for my quote,” Miguel said in his reply on Facebook. “To all librarians out there: live long and prosper!”

Note the complete openness to digital media and ebooks, with no distinction drawn between print and onscreen. As one wag remarked, it might be more in keeping to see some papyrus or clay tablets in there too, but overall it’s a great image for the  modern library."