"CLA Conference 2012 Privatization of Public Libraries: How It Works and What You Can Do Presented by: Nancy Bolt (Nancy Bolt & Associates)"


"To avoid privatization, Bolt recommends:

- Shape up problem staff or ship them out.
- Get the board, staff and support groups to advocate for the library in the community.
- Build business partnerships.
- Have library plans (collection development, marketing, strategic, etc.) in place.
- Tout your successes.


Despite your best efforts, if local government still decides to proceed with a privatization RFP:

- Library director and board members should ask to review the RFP and make suggestions for inclusions.
- Criteria should be specific and measurable (number of hours library will be open each week, number of staff to be rehired, number of programs to be given each year.)
- With the help of the board and friends group, submit a proposal, addressing each component of the proposal."