How Selfies Are Re-Energizing The New York Public Library | The Information Professional |

Sydney Brownstone:

"These photobooth selfies weren't taken at a bar. They're from the New York Public Library which is mobilizing fans through pictures. (This is cool. Libraries using selfies to engage their users.



The photos look like they could have been taken at a bar, a bat mitzvah, or one of those swanky media parties with sponsored vodka. But they weren’t. These photobooth shots were snapped at the New York Public Library as part of a new social media initiative to engage more with the library’s selfie-loving patrons, and the live photostream is making our hearts melt.

“This is new ground for us,” Ken Weine, vice president of communications and marketing at the NYPL, tells Co.Exist. “An institution like us has to find ways to communicate with people in person and digitally, and what’s fun about this project is that we’re doing both at the same time.”