The Public Library Wants To Be Your Office, by Anita Hamilton | The Information Professional |

"D.C. Public Library president Richard Reyes-Gavilán defends libraries’ growing role as business incubators, despite their tenuous connection to books, literacy, and information access. “Libraries have always been a place for personal betterment. We are providing a space for people to get a leg up on their lives, whether that’s someone running their own business or getting their library card for the first time so they’re better able to tackle first grade.”

Adds NYPL President Marx, “libraries should be providing free access to information and physical space to engage in the life of the mind whether it is a new business idea or thinking up a new novel.” It’s a nice idea. But as demonstrated by the failed plan to gut the stacks at the crown jewel of the New York Public Library system, trying to accommodate everyone in a finite space is just begging for a turf war."

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