Marketing Your Music Through Your Local Library - Clyde Smith at hypebot | The Information Professional |

"NPR recently ran a feature about local public libraries building streamable and downloadable collections of digital music from local musicians. It's a powerful way for libraries to serve members of their community. In fact, even at libaries that don't have such special programs, there are a variety of ways you can promote your music through normal things libraries do.

Clay Masters profiled public library music programs starting off with the Iowa City Library Local Music Project. It's a program featuring free downloads of over 100 albums from local musicians."


"Libraries of all kinds tend to do similar things relevant to music marketing:

maintain collections for a community's access and use,

create displays related to the library's collection or broader mission,

offer public presentations that can range from speakers to performers.

All three of these areas offer ways to market one's music:

donating one's music to a local library's collection,

volunteering to provide materials for displays related to local music,

performing for free in a library venue."