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Richard Le and Tom Duffy:

"You can get a list of all of the apps from the presentation at the mobile page: http://50apps.weebly.com

46% of American adults own smart phones. By 2016, 10 billion will be in use worldwide. By the year 2013 there will be 81.4 billion apps. The average download of apps per device is 51. The average time spent on apps per day is 81 minutes (HOLY MOTHER—THAT’S A LOT). This changes the landscape of our information environment. People are using their smart phones to check local weather, find local businesses, get information, check sports scores, get traffic info, coupons, and info about their local community. Americans are working harder—but on their own time, taking their work home. 80% of people continue to work after leaving the office. 68% check email before 8am in the morning, and 50% of them check their work email while they’re still in bed (GUILTY AS CHARGED). Apps have changed the way we search for and access information. The mobile platform is the preferred way to access information on the go. We can integrate information and add value to our work with better and richer content. Most of the apps featured today are free."