Academic Librarians As Campus Hubs, by Joshua Kim | Inside Higher Ed | The Information Professional |
Joshua Kim:  

"RT @mrlibrarydude: Librarians already know this - but good to see it advocated by a non-librarian: Academic Librarians As Campus Hubs"


"The library, and the librarians connected to the library space, seem to have some key advantages as connectors.  These include:

A Physical Space: And not just any physical space, but in most cases the campus library is at the geographic, intellectual and emotional center of the campus and/or school. Librarians seem to think about and pay great attention to their spaces."

An Interdisciplinary Focus: I work with quite a number of subject librarians at my institution, and all of them are amazingly knowledgeable about the disciplines in which they partner with faculty around teaching and research. Even subject librarians, however, retain a wide range of knowledge and a fluency in the language of the contiguous disciplines.

A Service Orientation: Service to our students, service to our faculty, service to colleagues, service to the mission of the institution, and service to larger ideals such as privacy and the availability of information (regardless of rank or status at the institution)."

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