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Lessons from overseas suggest there is more to digital libraries than e-books, writes Gill Hitchcock (RT @MultiMediaIT: Libraries face a digital future - article in the Guardian Professional's Government Computing section


"Weiner urged libraries to adopt open standards rather than cater for any one type of reader. "The iPad is the world according to Apple, it is not an open standard," he said. "If you think of the democracy a library represents, it should be built on open standards."

He maintained that cloud computing offers great opportunities for libraries. "For example, Amazon today offers Kindle clouds where the books are not in your Kindle, they are up the cloud…

The library cloud could be the place where libraries store all kinds of content, not only books but videos, or content that is created in the library."

He claimed to be a big fan of "hyper-local journalism", which he defined as a group of people within a community getting together and writing about that area. Weiner believes that a library is a perfect place for them to meet, write or start their own blog."